Keep baby chickens warm, watered and fed and that's pretty much it. Keep the bedding dry and wipe the poop off their butts for the first few days and you're good to go.


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    Christian Metsch

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    I looked at the thumb nail incorrectly and thought it was a real gremlin

  3. john lobo

    john lobo

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    preborn chicken?

  4. Mike S.

    Mike S.

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    I didn't know they came in chipmunk flavor

  5. A Serious Salamander

    A Serious Salamander

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    of course all the chicks are after AvE. And he keep flexing on us too. Dirty bastard.

  6. papiezguwniak


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    Good vijeyo

  7. Life Hacks

    Life Hacks

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    Tip: Day old chicks can drink from a feeder that is slightly elevated 2" from the floor bottom; This helps keep the water fresh, which you will have to change daily to prevent from going sour. Fresh water is key.

  8. thromboid


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    AvE clickbait: rollover video makes you think he's feeding the chicks diesel. :D

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    Is this a chick flick? Just to get clicks? Nice thumbnail.

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    We pick up our 4 point of lay on Monday

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    Very good for eating

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    Is that where chicken mcnuggets come from?

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    IMO anyone who likes animals is A OK!

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    How do you pick up chicks? Go to the local Tractor Supply, you can get four for $8 US Doll hairs.

  16. KDE5FAN


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    What was in that bucket that was sitting on it's side? It looked like it had dried concrete or ash filling the bucket. It looked really strange to me, can anyone explain what that setup was and what it was for (esp since he had the other water "feeder")?

  17. Bullvine20


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    Cute as F. Nice one.

  18. Boots


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    Had some for almost a year, then got busy so gave them to the wife's family who cooked em up. Of course, I predict now that we will be seeing some hydraulically powered chicken tractor being cobbled together in the ensuing months. Lots of diverse skills can be put to work to that end.

  19. Christopher Bullock

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    Be careful not to break their wings. So you can cut them off & deep fry them later.

  20. Paul G

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    Keep an eye on those therapods - they ruled the world once,you know, they're itchin' to rule it again.

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    Wow, my dog came running running when that chick started cheeping in distress, and I don't think it was with good intentions!

  22. nico nico

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    Raising them is easy.. you did not talk about all the consequences having 10 fully grown chickens pillaging and torching your garden until nothing is left but finely ground dirt, dust and ashes.

  23. Pigeon Pat

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    mixing up the scenery nicely mixes up the musings. you should do more bird videos.

  24. Turbo print3d

    Turbo print3d

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    My first time getting chickens this year , got me 5 cute chicks to hang out with 2 weeks old today .

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    Wait, what happened to the old chickens? I haven't seen them in a while.

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    ok ok ok hear me out - I'm now convinced that there is an AvE style human being in EVERY field - I found one for botany not that I want to pitch it on another tubers page but it seems it belongs... irface.info/less/3CBOpT2-NRvoc2ecFMDCsA.html

  27. The Default Mode Network

    The Default Mode Network

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    I raised chicks and had no idea what an alarm call was, dang!

  28. Michael Kemp

    Michael Kemp

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    Put your water on a little hunk of 2x6 carcass and it'll keep it from getting the shavings in it chicken tip

  29. The Goldey Family

    The Goldey Family

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    Keep your chick in a vice... wait,

  30. Jesse


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    More more more. Love all your videos. Thank you.

  31. Memes Jenkins

    Memes Jenkins

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    If you make a square of 1x wewd and staple hardawre cloth to it. works great to keep water and grit free of pine shavings

  32. Chris


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    Awe, AvE is gettin' soft...

  33. BigDanInLA


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    A truly wholesome video to end my day 😊

  34. Patrick Radcliffe

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    Chicken's are so last year ducks is where it's at more hardy to cold temps.

  35. INFOCUS Media

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    Just when I thought you ran on Duracell's I think I can hear a heartbeat...You a Hybrid then!

  36. ashermil


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    I like to get them deep-fried at the county fair.

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    Adorable little things.

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    I live in the city, how long until someone calls the police on me for having chickens

  40. Joe Mathews

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    Keep your chick in a vise

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    What kind of heartless animal thumbs down this video

  42. ryan bambrick

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    Tried it, did it, didn't like it. For starters their so damn cute and for the most part friendly. They become pets, at least for me I couldn't eat one I raised. Eggs are a nice touch too. But the god awfull stink of their shite, just can't get over it. And you just cannot physically keep fresh wood chippings and a clean enough coup for it not to stink. Maybe it's just me, but even with a big property the smell travels and just ruins everything like having a BBQ outside. In all fairness it's not too strong if you keep clean, just extremely unpleasant to me. And the joke of it all is I ended up with a girl who's family owns a chicken farm...

  43. K C

    K C

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    One of the best things in life is watching one of your broody hens mother some day old chicks you got for her. Hits a feller right in the feels.

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  45. Harry Evans

    Harry Evans

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    Is it just me or is every AvE video a faeywilde fever dream?

  46. J Ray FPV

    J Ray FPV

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    That little chicken is famous now!

  47. zincwick99


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    Came into my shop the other day. Two lady chicken are eating ants scurrying on the floor in the metal and wood and shmoo shavings. Also snack crumbs.

  48. Chad


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    The grocery store sells them at a more advanced age. Reduces the time needed to raise them. Just have to remove the plastic wrap.

  49. Sid Walker

    Sid Walker

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    Cornograpy, modern flix, all those chicks have peckers.

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    I remember when this channel used to be good.

  51. Dimes On His Eyes

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    Not much to it. You put stuff in one end. Stuff comes out the other.

  52. SomeoneBloodyRandom


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    But are these chickens dinosaurs? We need the exspurts opinion…

  53. zx6R Lew.

    zx6R Lew.

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    When i rear pheasant make sure you have no corners on the shed. We made a full circle pen, this stops them huddling up in the corners and smothering each other. But only if it gets cold. We learnt the hard losing 100 in one night.

  54. Grag Reiser

    Grag Reiser

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    Off grid option 2. Find yerself a broody hen and ditch the lamp.

  55. S Muis

    S Muis

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    Yeah bought them pre-sexed. 8 roosters and one chick… if you hang the water and food above the ground it doesn’t get dirty that quickly and I put al little bit apple vinegar in the drink so the algae doesn’t grow that fast and ads some vitamins probably.

  56. MK Ultra

    MK Ultra

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    Having empathy says a lot.

  57. blautens


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    When and how do they cover themselves in delicious batter and fry themselves?

  58. John Uptigrove

    John Uptigrove

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    When they are little they get constipated a lot from eating wood fibers. A tablespoon of sorghum in their water will keep em regular. You will not lose near as many.

  59. stewpidasol


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    Dont forget the grit!

  60. Reckless Roges

    Reckless Roges

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    AvE: "It's all about feeds and speeds" (applies to most things.)

  61. Henrik Oldcorn

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    peep peep

  62. Raysplace


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    Hey, chicken nuggets...😁😁

  63. A Path Trampled by Deer

    A Path Trampled by Deer

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    Hearing AvE talk to that little lost chick would've gotten me ovulating, if I was a woman that is......

  64. Ferdi G.

    Ferdi G.

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    3:37 - Gatorade, they crave for electrolytes!

  65. Patrik Einarsson

    Patrik Einarsson

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    Who would have known, feeds and speeds is a thing for chicken farmers.

  66. M Leboeuf

    M Leboeuf

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    More and more chickens video on Scrutube. Kinda interested in trading my quiet dog for a rooster to sing the hell out of my neibors.

  67. Dean Robert

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    I've narrowed down your surname now Mr McDonald's 👌 🙉🙈🙊

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    Chikkis are handsdown one of my favorite additions to the stead

  69. Arnkh


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    Which ones will turn into elekchickens when they grow up?

  70. fleamarketfread


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    My heat lamp burned my house down

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    Serban C. Musca

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    Right feed & right speed... speaking of chicks, lmao

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    There's roosters layin' chickens... and chickens layin' eggs... farm machinery eatin' peoples arms and legs--

  73. 31446963048


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    Tsk, Tsk, Tsk. Deep fryer first, then heat lamp. Haven't you ever been to a KFC or Popeyes?

  74. 31446963048


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    So good when you stuff them with marshmallow filling, dip them in corn syrup and sprinkle with yellow dyed sugar.

  75. John Sims

    John Sims

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    Having listened to you in the shop, listening to you play mother hen is almost comical.

  76. Chase Perdue

    Chase Perdue

    پیش 6 روز

    Perhaps not too surprising, there is a lot of misinformation out there about chickens.

  77. Mike Hunt

    Mike Hunt

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    So we're looking at a new bumbleforks video in about 6-8 weeks?

  78. Charles Hultquist

    Charles Hultquist

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    She looks like a avian chipmunk

  79. Thomas .Gilliland

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    I think you need a visit from White House on the hill.

  80. Colby Goettel

    Colby Goettel

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    Oh man, you got me so good with that Dear Liza joke. I was not expecting that at all.

  81. Sizukun


    پیش 6 روز

    I don't think we've seen enough of AvE's back yard to know, but a wise man puts the coop and immediate pen on wheels so you can move it around the yard. Chickens will tear up a little area and turn it into a dust pit if you don't have a large area to let them out once in a while.

  82. Tom Wyrick

    Tom Wyrick

    پیش 6 روز

    Poop a lot is an understatement! More like poop machines! Lol! Also might want to mention a warning about protecting them from predators, since they are "What's for Dinner" for most larger varmints! Also the ones that fly! Hawks Owls and where we are in Floridah Osprey! They will descend on them and carry them away never to be seen again. And don't forget snakes!!

  83. Andrew V

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    Baby dinosaurs ... fun.

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    Location: Chicken

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    Hang with the peep gang.

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    so as not to cook... YET!

  87. Tracey Allen

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    So that’s how they grow chicken nuggets.

  88. Doughiemantoo


    پیش 6 روز

    PVC elbow feeder and a horizontal chicken nipple water barrel is the only way to go. No spilled feed and no spilled water.

  89. Chocolateer


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    Holy crap, chicks are cute AF.

  90. Jason Skinner

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    I see a custom omlette maker coming on the ole fusion 360 soon. Keep your eyes on the doobely Doo..

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    How long until they are done?

  92. Ryan's Goslings

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    Stick to being uncle bumblefuck. If I wanted chickens, I'd watch a chicken channel.

  93. Russell Der geko Wright

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    KFC and Nando’s….

  94. spacebike


    پیش 6 روز

    your chicks are huddling so are a little cold. don't use shavings for the first week and a half they can eat and die from the chips then use newspaper at first then switch to shavings. Drafts are the worst for them. when they are loud something is wrong. good luck with your future omelet makers!

  95. Andy Prokopyk

    Andy Prokopyk

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  96. Noel Barlau

    Noel Barlau

    پیش 6 روز

    Be sure to buy vaccinated chicks. We brought home the Marek's disease chicken plague from a local breeder who didn't vaccinate, and it wiped out 80% of our flock in just a few months.

  97. Mr. Avuncular

    Mr. Avuncular

    پیش 6 روز

    Well done AvE well done!❤

  98. collinmac24


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    Had a couple melt on me

  99. collinmac24


    پیش 6 روز

    Then heat lamps kinda dangerous

  100. Aurum Arma

    Aurum Arma

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    Which one's are Orpingtons? I've seen Buff Orpingtons which are a Yellow chick.