Old Mechanic's trick to prevent tapered pipe fittings from leaking.


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    Comment 667. I ruined it 🤣

  2. Trevor Corey

    Trevor Corey

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    You use the tape and the dope and do it real tight. This is just a stupid way to give yourself minor burns. The threads are supposed to deform, the male threads should be softer than the female, and the tapered threads smush everything together.

  3. Max Scott

    Max Scott

    پیش 20 روز

    It's actually about .7 thou a 100 f according to metals and how to weld them.

  4. Robert L

    Robert L

    پیش 23 روز

    Use Leak Lock from Highside Chemicals. It cures like cement and the next guy will curse you for the rest of his life.

  5. Gary Brown

    Gary Brown

    پیش 23 روز

    Have you tried the new stainless steel pipe tape

  6. Matthew Doherty

    Matthew Doherty

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    Cussing is part of apprenticeship,you'll get better,trust me😁👍

  7. mephistopheles


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    Too much work. Cross thread, tighten to eleven ooga doogas and can it a day.

  8. Desert Lizard

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    Is it NPT or ITP 😎

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    Heat up the female side, was a missed opportunity

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    You can't invariably be the next guy, because I am invariably the next guy.

  11. pscheidt


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    So, I have the opposite problem. The nozzle of a 3D printer always comes loose. Now I think it is because it expands as it is heated. Besides over heating it and torqueing hard, do you have any other tricks?

    • Bacon Son

      Bacon Son

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      Maybe just a turn or 2 of teflon tape along the thread. I have to say I've never heard of them coming loose even when hot.

  12. Paul


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    Love these tricks of the trade(s)...Thank you!

  13. 30ught6


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    OR, you could use the wonderful and hated Expando. It'll never leak. It'll also never come apart...

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    This guy is the king of IRface!! 🤣🤣 Laughing my balls off whilst getting an edumacation!

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    "Fuck the next guy."

  16. David Kuehne

    David Kuehne

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    The world sure sucked before teflon.

  17. Oliver Mattos

    Oliver Mattos

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    I don't think this is true... Sure, it's never going to come loose, but there will still be a spiral leakage path. One end will have pressure on one side of each thread, and a gap on the other, while it's reversed at the other end. The fluid can still seep along the gap, move around the edge of a thread in the middle, then use the other gap to go the rest of the way. Just use an o-ring and don't rely on threads sealing...

  18. P R

    P R

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    Tighter than a nun's bushing...?

  19. eDoc2020


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    Blowtorch and oil. A recipe for success.

  20. Steve McRichards

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    Canada is a silly place. Got weird town names and such.

  21. Aaron Peters

    Aaron Peters

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    Heat up the female side got it

  22. Ian Smith

    Ian Smith

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    An easy way to seal a pipe thread is to use a locktite anaerobic flange sealant, I like 510, high strength high heat. resists gas and many other things accept heat above its heat range. Which makes it easy to get back apart. Not too much more than hand tight for a good seal after 20 minutes. If you want to get that fitting back apart after the heat shrink trick (which does not not stop that helical path if the threads aren't so good.) support the fitting from the back side and strike it with a hammer on three adjacent sides, the female will become large. When you hit a supported ring it never or almost never becomes smaller. Just did it no wrenches ten minutes five threads 150 psi air no leaks, soaped. Aehh

  23. The Lawn Care Nut

    The Lawn Care Nut

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    First time I ever understood an entire video on this channel. Thanks webmaster.

    • Keith Cronk

      Keith Cronk

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  24. Brandon Ryan

    Brandon Ryan

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    I never had teflon tape leak on me. I must be using it wrong

    • Bacon Son

      Bacon Son

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      If you've got some pretty worn out threads it'll still leak.

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    I swear to god I watch you videos too much I just looked up borsch

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    Ya can't loosen tight nuts with a loose wench. It is written.

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    'invariably me', ah, never give up the real thing.

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    Next up: friction welding using a souped up Fein and a hoseclamp.

  29. Genome Editor

    Genome Editor

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    Speaking of the stupidity of pipe threads.... Kentucky Ballistics video?

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    Hey I'm from Fucksberg too! Although it does seem less impressive, like 7 billion people live here.

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    Did a double take the other day when you were quoted in an arfcom news VJO.

  32. Albin Klein

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    I cursed the hell out of a guy who installed an engine in a truck without thinking of the inline fuel filter which was simply unreachable between the frame and the motor mount. Turned out that I installed that engine myself a few years ago...

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    U know hashtags dont work as intended if typoed. And these should be in portrait aspect ratio and sub 30 to be highlighted in the mobile app

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    Maybe if he would learn how to use opposing wrenches correctly he would not have to go through all of that b******* to use tapered threads! There is a correct and an incorrect way to use those f****** wrenches opposed to each other stupid f***!

  35. Calvin Schoneck

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    How can I send you something to take apart? I have a home exerciser (muscle stimulator) called a relaxacisor from the 1950’s that was banned for paralyzing people. It’s mint and in the box.

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    I wanted to see you cook that pioneer tip

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    shitfart = sharted

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    Can't see the subs. Weird

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    Cock your valleys and put the whole muff the heater she'll work just fine

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    Crush washers work pretty good

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    Words to the wise. Never use the goop on a Diesel fuel line. It will contaminate the entire fuel system. Ask me how I know.

  42. colin


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    As a small fleet mechanic, i know damn well the next guy will be me. So i pretty much have to treat it as my own. A big part of it is remembering where i used red loctite when its on something not normally used there. Little heat first and its fine. I feel sorry for the next guy if its not me. They may be in for a bolt breaking surprise.

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    Question de même, ou est rendu le nombre d'abonnés??? De Kocé qui ce passe asteure?

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    My sharts are generally quite a different experience...

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    Fuck the next guy is my favorite thing to say

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    hah, fuk the next guy!

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    Alternative title: Man screws his hot leaky shaft

  48. Anthony Martin

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    JIC Fittings seal on the seat, NOT the threads. No gooe required!

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    I love you so much for shit like this. It's smart, and stupid... Like a fox.

  50. Reid H

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    Hmm, looks like a perfect job for one of those fancy inductive heaters. Sure wish I had one; though mostly for dealing with stuck farstners.

  51. Dane Conlon

    Dane Conlon

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    That fitting being tossed on the end, what a little gem that is. Just learned about them the other day. JIC and ORB. Handy little bugger. I was clueless.

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    This is like trying to change a foreskin into a fiveskin.

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    Oh ya! Heat her up some! Got to tell ya, I did that to my apprentice, blasted a 2" blk 90 and cranked it by hand pretty good. Carried on buying time for it to cool down🤫🤫( he did not see me heat it up but saw me crank it on) When set... I said ! You like the gym eh!?? Here unscrew this, the same way I cranked it on. Well,,,, 😄😄😄😄 All he said was,, holly shit. The guy is almost 1' 12" bigger than me ,and has a buck fifty on me. Good times. Good videos.👍👍🤙

  54. ron black

    ron black

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    just use red loctite . any brand . good to 250 degree f. works even if oily just wipe first with a rag.

  55. Backstabbio


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    Got to hand it to you. Sometimes you’ve got some good tips. And sometimes you make me laugh. Thanks.

  56. Dan


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    PERMABOND LH050 Anaerobic Thread sealant hand tight today in a week you cant get it off with a 24" wrench never had a leak with it but its not cheap.....

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    Tighter/dryer than a nun's nasty. Don't ask me how I know. Signed, Father Finbarr.

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    I miss learning stuff from AVE. It's a good feeling and reminds me that not everyone is incompetent.

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    Fuckersburg lmao

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    I think you should try and take apart the Spyra SuperSoaker

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    Tighter than a nun s... haircut

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    I have never seen a hydraulic system that did not leak.

  63. Matt Berg

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    Permatex No.2 is what we use in the boiler business on the heated oil lines

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    You had me until never come apart.

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    poor mans torque wrench, verbal "click"..... sounds about right.

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    Its a good idea to put a wet rag on what ever you don't want getting too hot like the rubber hose.

  67. Alexander Johnson

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    Could you please do a review on vessel screwdrivers?

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    "that ain't never coming off, fuck the next guy!" Next guy: always me somehow Friend/fam/customer : can you help me fix... I tried but it's still not working. I put it back together though

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    Hey bud big fan ...im a forklift mechanic and I used to work for dealerships but now I work for a private company amd uts just me i know alot about hydraulics but u seem to know more was hopung if i made a video of this thing maybe you might be able to help me identify Some of the hardware on the machine And how it works also dealing with a jam and need some ideas to try been working ob getting the jam out for a year now ...its a baler and someone filled it to the brim and jammed it...ive been pulling stuff out for a year now im almost there but whule i was watching one of your videos it occured to me that you would most likely be able to identify most if not all of the parts of this baler so what do u say give me a hand maybe i can make a video about it and you can just sayhey this is this and try this to unjam it ...just figured id give it a shot seeig u wanted to help me thanks brother and keep thevideos coming there awesome and keep ur dick in a vise

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    Thats right fuck the next guy!

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    Why would I do this when there are so many other options that don't result in a pain in the ass down the road?

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    tell me i dont see solder in the heating clip. i imagine the metal would expand and contract relatively so i cant imagine this works

  73. NJ Outdoors

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    Can you do a video about the road failure on 295 in nj. Its a project they have been working on for almost 20 years

  74. Noel Barlau

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    Elsewhere on the web: "Teflon tape isn't for stopping leaks, it's for lubricating the threads so they go on easier." You tell yourself whatever you need to in order to sleep at night, I suppose.

  75. J D

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    mech plumber here from aus. i use non parallel threads with lockeal or locktite thread sealant and practically never get a leak.

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    Nasty! A nuns nasty!

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    Many a time I have said "fuck the next guy that's gotta deal with this" only to find that I was in fact that next guy :l

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    I love this channel so much. Even the location is fuckersberg

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    That's why BSP is a superior thread 🤣

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    Boss dont have time for my knowledge. Fm

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    I'd rather have a shart from you ,than nothing at all ...

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    I love your #sharts.

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    Great and hilarious.

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    "You gotta use the goop!" - real life advice there for most situations, young fellers.

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    I keep trying to heat up the female side but it still tells no choochin

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    LOL, love it "burny to the touch"

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    I love saying that "fuck the next guy" but I already know in my line of work. I will be the one redoing that same thing lol. Live and ya learn

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    Love it; thanks for the tip

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      AJ Hawke

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      Wait now how does the next guy remove it! This is time paradoxical black hole event horizon shtuff.

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    I lost it when you made the "click" reference. Been turning wrenches for almost 20 years and it never gets old when you hear someone do it.

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    Don't heat very much if using Teflon tape...not good for AvE's health. Ave....remember...right is too tight, left is gonna get lost.

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    I bet the next guy has an angle grinder, zip disks, and the light, dexterous touch of a cardiac surgeon necessary to remove the old fitting without mangling the threads of the piece underneath.

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    Watching the auto closed caption deal with you is the funniest shit ever.

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    Best guy eva!

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    Everything my wife heats up I expand to 1/100 of the inch

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    "fuck the next guy" .. so you're that guy. Im the guy that put anti-sieze on everything, cut the cableties and deburred every edge. YOUR WELCOME.

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    Wow, I've been messing with hydraulics for years. Never thought of using the smoke wrench for putting fittings on before. Slick

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    As I like to say, that's a problem for future me to deal with.

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    "Burny to the touch". Yes, indeed.

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    "Fuck the next guy" My motto at work