Common hydraulic fittings: ORB, JIC and ORFS all use inch fractional NF threads.


  1. Ganjaseed


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    Subtitles please cause I only speak metric.

    • Wagner Farm

      Wagner Farm

      پیش 23 روز

      I’m curious. What deciday is it there? Cause 10:07am works for us Imperial unit people

    • Brad Denham

      Brad Denham

      پیش 24 روز

      Why can't we all just use imperial measurements like the rest of the 3 countries do 😂

    • RegularOldRug


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      I'm offering a imperial learners course for only $9.99 a minute. Please join

    • hahaha no

      hahaha no

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      @William Mcneill You might want to look up the definition of "arbitrary". Both kg and m are arbitrary as well.

    • MaNNeRz Laguna

      MaNNeRz Laguna

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      @Gavin Barker I hated working with whitworths on my grandads old Austin seven 😬😬😬

  2. darkhawk1979


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    I live in metricland and I still ask for 3/4" pipes and such when I do irrigation manifolds but all the poly line I run I talk in SI.

  3. jekanyika


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    According to IRface I've already watched this but I don't recall.

  4. Matt Vanourney

    Matt Vanourney

    پیش 9 روز

    Have you tried the Epco zero leak sae plugs? They are interesting.

  5. disklamer


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  6. Maxx


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    I was expecting a mechanic with the sharts. I was disappointed.

  7. Gary Brown

    Gary Brown

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    Darn I thoght i was going to learn something new

  8. riflemanism


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    Just stopped byway tah brush up on mah canadaman speak.

  9. Sigh Pocket

    Sigh Pocket

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    Mais oui cheri!!

  10. Robert L

    Robert L

    پیش 27 روز

    I just put a new control block on an offshore trash compactor a few weeks ago using jic unions instead of jic to boss. No leaks.

  11. crunchytheclown


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    u n o fitting

  12. pear7777


    پیش 28 روز

    So, you mean my M10 BOLTS do fit on all my M10 threads??

  13. Jim Kinkade

    Jim Kinkade

    پیش 29 روز

    Your clever mechanic’s trick is just standard operating procedure in the oil field.

  14. TrueBlueEG8


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    He said something about inches, and how it smells like a foot, i learned fuck all 😂

  15. Airazz


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    Uh, that's exactly how it works in metric. Thread's a thread, doesn't matter what it's on, M6 will always be the same.

  16. mott Bailey

    mott Bailey

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    This would have saved me some time underground

  17. Joe Romano

    Joe Romano

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    I think there’s a few other sizes then 1 inch.

  18. **


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    Let's try "Mechanic trivia I'll never, ever, ever need" for $1000 please

  19. Chris Hull

    Chris Hull

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    Exact same thread, eh? Exactly, eh!

  20. Gustav Gnöttgen

    Gustav Gnöttgen

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    I don't know if I understand correctly, Sir. Is this a thread?

  21. Markus Klemm

    Markus Klemm

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    Aint standards great? *laughs in bicycle mechanic*

  22. Longbow64


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    They get ridiculous on different fittings, even with small compression fittings

  23. J Mc

    J Mc

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    Hole saws are also fine inch threads

  24. Chuck Wood

    Chuck Wood

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    Canadian south main auto?

  25. MaNNeRz Laguna

    MaNNeRz Laguna

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    Me.. Listens intently in metric 👀

  26. MRSketch09


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    Something was off with the audio or my headphones?

  27. obsolete professor

    obsolete professor

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    I worked at our family auto parts since the mid 60's. I saw all the disasters when the U.S. started blending in metric into its cars. The customers insisted that metric thread bolts had SAE heads. (That 1/2" wrench fits that metric bolt). We became the most popular shop in town when we hung a thread pitch gauge at the counter. It was frequently replaced because the threads got cross threaded. Side note: Chinesium parts will not always have the same thread pitch as the OE part. Many a part returned with stripped out threads. I know because of side by side comparison with the originals.

  28. obsolete professor

    obsolete professor

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    The nice thing about Chinesium castings is that you can screw in any pitch and the fitting makes its own thread. Just use JB Weld for thread sealant.

  29. Kerra Holt

    Kerra Holt

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    BuT mUh mEtRiC!! Hurrrrr!!

  30. Jarred Jones

    Jarred Jones

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    You are truly the crazy uncle at the family BBQ, and I am truly the nephew that "almost gets it". Longtime fan, and also an actual laborperson.

  31. Erik D

    Erik D

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    JIC is Just In Case yes? I thought it was "bench stock"

  32. Drew S

    Drew S

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    Yes yes jic and sae have same thread pitch. 🤨

  33. Josh Ostenson

    Josh Ostenson

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    Works great! Be careful though, if the hex is too small you won't have any back up surface for the oring

  34. MrCraftyG


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    "That's the beauty of inch standard" No, that's the beauty of standards, inch, metric, or something else. If you know the standard used, you're in business.

  35. SSDeathstar


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    Thread is Thread Nanananana

  36. Recommended:


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    It should be noted all ORB and JIC nominal sizes are identical UNF threads. Oring Face only share two or maybe three sizes of threads and not nominally the same. Now screw yourself silly.

  37. mindistorter


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  38. 1961 Radmofo

    1961 Radmofo

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    I got a whole vox of those doflunkit's , some in handy some way too befuddled

  39. IamKrAzE


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    Microphones right channel is failing. Sounds like a loose connection.

  40. Pim Beijk

    Pim Beijk

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    Please come to the human race and accept metric.

  41. Burton Rondo jr

    Burton Rondo jr

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    Man you are sooooo entertaining to learn from lol thank you sir.

  42. Poly Bun

    Poly Bun

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    Also handy when you can't find a good spot to get a strap and you just dont' give a damn and want the fucker out of there... lifting eyes come in fine threads if you ask nice enough and pay the price.

  43. billiondollardan


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    I don't even know wtf JIC means. I watch these mechanical videos all the time. I'm a fraud

  44. Ethan Maxfield

    Ethan Maxfield

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    Another life lesson from uncle B.F.

  45. WyattSmits


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    On a lot of factory MTS pumps/ HSMs, they use JIC male-male couplers as ORB-JIC takeoffs on manifold blocks. If it's good enough for the prices they demand, it's good enough for anything.

  46. Aaron TheGreat

    Aaron TheGreat

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    Fuck short content. Don't make this a ticktockfacebookvinetwitterinstagram website. Keep long form content long

  47. Jack of Many Trades

    Jack of Many Trades

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    There are two kinds of countries: those that have landed men on the moon, and those that use the metric system. :)

  48. Chris Hurlbut

    Chris Hurlbut

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    Another one, BSPT is standard americal pipe thread but with a straight thread instead of tapered. I have mashed tapered pipe thread into BSPT in a pinch for relatively low pressure or grease lines on occasion.

  49. Allan Peda

    Allan Peda

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    Freedom units!

  50. fanplant


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    if you need an extra 8-32 you can be stealing one from a romex connector. Oh sorry I thought this was dewclaw's channel.

  51. Gavin Critchley

    Gavin Critchley

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    Standards? We have loads, which one do you want?

  52. Marc Stobinski

    Marc Stobinski

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    Just be aware some jic unions have small hex shoulders causing the o- ring to blow out.

  53. Victor Nojin

    Victor Nojin

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    As always something i do not need to know now., but next week it could save me . THANKS AVE

  54. Chapel Ash Trading Ltd - Mobile Mechanic

    Chapel Ash Trading Ltd - Mobile Mechanic

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    Trick? No no no, it's knowledge for your noggin

  55. tramsgar


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    Amazing! Does same-same work with metric too? 🤔

  56. kevin roberts

    kevin roberts

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    An older mechanics trick buy the right fitting and don't be a moron

  57. 1 Stooge

    1 Stooge

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    My boss dont have time for me to explain . gotta do the magic when hes gone. When he asks what i did to fix... I tell him i spent all the fuckery i had till i got pissed. Easy to pad hrs.

  58. Bryan Winsor

    Bryan Winsor

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    For Why you make her Shit? For why?

  59. An Dan

    An Dan

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    Am I the only one with stereo sound? The audio is f*cked...

  60. Salty Boner

    Salty Boner

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    Just found out today that there are actually two different 1" fine threads.... 1-12 & 1-14. WTF

  61. Matt Berg

    Matt Berg

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    That's some minty shit right there boss

  62. Anotherflores91


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    Boy you smart.

  63. Educationey


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    I'm not sure what this means, but it is certainly provocative.

  64. Frode Haugsgjerd

    Frode Haugsgjerd

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    You do what you have to do to make it work. I once made a nonstandard bolt for a banjo fitting with the help of a file and a drill press.

  65. Joseph Dunn

    Joseph Dunn

    پیش ماه

    Pfft, you know there's no such thing as standard sizes outside the metric system. That thread is 95240.24 threads per furlong on a 0.00126263 chain diameter fitting.

  66. Sketch1994


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    0:30 You know that any metric eg. M24 male will fit a M24 female no matter the useless 3 letter abreviation after it. UNC, BSP, NPT are all antiquated useless crap that people who work with pipes still consider useful and impressive...talk about a pipe dream!

  67. Lubin Poly

    Lubin Poly

    پیش ماه

    i live in a metric country but i rely on this, cause i work with all that stuff and sometime you need to do something you can't in hydraulic

  68. burnedupsparky tips and reviews

    burnedupsparky tips and reviews

    پیش ماه

    As an electrician learning hydraulics I feel this information should be illegal

  69. Houston Firefox

    Houston Firefox

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    I almost #Sharted my pants just watching this! Brilliant AND Squishy!

  70. Wouter d.B.

    Wouter d.B.

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    Metric? Imperial? I call it just 'strip or 'no strip'.

  71. T P

    T P

    پیش ماه

    I would love to being able to screw a bolt in a fitting but although I'm in Europe our pipes are not metrique but some stupid English horseshit size from 1800, where what's called an inch isn't even an inch thick

  72. Spazass666


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    I think we need a more in depth report sir. Take some of the mystery out of working on hydraulics for us chain n sprocket type.

  73. champstyl


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    Inch standard, pls why can't pipes be metric like the rest... I know there will be fire over this but just take that metric is the scientific measurement unit not something that comes from a nut of some tree

  74. RustyCarnahan


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    When I first started at Case Industrial, (which I don't work there anymore) I had to cap off a hydraulic line to keep it from pissing all over the place. Stockroom was all out of that particular size caps, and the parts manager taught me this quick hack. He went and grabbed a fine thread nut, said weld up the end of that, stick you a piece of thick plastic or rubber in there, and cap it that way. Think I still have it rattling around in my junk drawer too.

  75. Luigiu S

    Luigiu S

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    I don't understand a word of what he is saying

  76. Harry Foster

    Harry Foster

    پیش ماه

    Need more useful short vids like this AvE! This knowledge gets lost, buried deep in today's interwebs. Now do a #sharts on old school hydraulic clamps with wire. I think I member you did it once in a more lengthy vid, but I'll be damned if it's easily locate-able.

  77. qomco


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    How do you know all this stuff? Asking for a friend...

  78. Avrai


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  79. taiiat


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  80. soklot


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    What is this ''inches'' you speak of?

    • Co.11


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      That thing you measure a pickle with

  81. dantech1


    پیش ماه

    And that's why I love JIC fittings ( AN, same thing). Super easy to machine, and no oddball threads.

  82. Matt Fenlon

    Matt Fenlon

    پیش ماه

    Not being reminded what to keep in a vise at the end has left me disoriented..

    • Co.11


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      Keep your bolt in a vice

  83. Test Boga

    Test Boga

    پیش ماه

    Yeah, and the beauty of metric would be that there aren't 50 different standards of "inch thread"...

  84. An Unseen Ruler

    An Unseen Ruler

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    The best bolt is the one you have.

  85. G Gg

    G Gg

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    I tried telling her that an inch is an inch, and it shouldn't feel any different.

  86. Matheus


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    "If threads are the same OD, pitch and profile, they should fit together" Wow, the imperial system is really something special, amarite?

    • gantz4u


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      you know back in the day they had OBD1 until the EPA standardized to OBD2 and that pluggy just fits right in there. Much like cell phone chargers under Trump. its the hidden things.

    • Uh oh

      Uh oh

      پیش ماه


  87. blankroomsoup


    پیش ماه

    The joys of living in Britain, where we use 173 different thread standards.

  88. fryrear technology

    fryrear technology

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    Logo! For grown ups!

  89. Jamie C

    Jamie C

    پیش ماه

    1 inch unf bolts are most common in 1-14 although 1-12 is the standard , hyd fittings are 1-12?? My Masseys have a lot of 1-12 hydraulics and 3 point hitch linkage

  90. JRBrown0016


    پیش ماه

    If you're real fancy you could find your way outta that mess with an ol k car and some duct tape...

  91. Andrew Gravestock

    Andrew Gravestock

    پیش ماه

    Same thread, but you must be careful of pressure ratings. Not all fittings are rated the same due to wall thickness. Although when in a pickle this is 100% doable. Keep in mind, there's nothing more permanent then a bodge that works!

  92. Knobik


    پیش ماه

    thank you for this :D perfecly sums up this #shits stuff.

  93. Scott Wojo

    Scott Wojo

    پیش ماه

    I have a video about cutting pvc straight. It’s retarded. But the amount of views is incredible.

  94. Richard Kovac

    Richard Kovac

    پیش ماه

    You sure? never seen a 1" UNO or JIC 1-1/16" - 14 TPI fittings dash -12 yes, and ORFS 1" - 14 TPI fittings - 10. But ready to learn any day.

  95. JpMaster


    پیش ماه

    I guess I'm to european to understand this joke - why bother with diffrent thread-types lol

  96. Trollop 7

    Trollop 7

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    I aspire to grokking the context of this one day.

  97. Cree 54

    Cree 54

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    Learn something new everyday....that uncle bumblefork posts a video!!!! Your the man!

  98. Howard iknow

    Howard iknow

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    Many a thing has been used as a thing with hordraulicles.....with no clipboards around...."well done,you got it going"....👍

  99. Godfrey Poon

    Godfrey Poon

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    What's better - o-ring face or o-ring boss?

  100. FASTFUN


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    Nice to know Thanks