Use duct tape to keep wire easy to pull


  1. Lelen Bates

    Lelen Bates

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    How many hours was this edited down from?

  2. Ron Wade

    Ron Wade

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  3. Jsem Nikdo

    Jsem Nikdo

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    My dad taught me this truck doing dry utilities, but we do it slightly different. We completely seal up the roll with duct tape, punch a hole in the middle with our pliers, and just drag the stuff out with the pliers when we need it. Helps keep dust and stuff out of the roll, and let's you toss it around without fear of the roll deforming.

  4. mike schoolcraft

    mike schoolcraft

    پیش 7 روز

    3/4” is equal to 19 mm not 9 mm, sorry sir.

  5. Mark Geldart

    Mark Geldart

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    Love your channel, but, as a car-paint-er myself, I advise you not to do this. This is absolute nonsense, gums up the wire, and is a slight to Iron Workers. Have you ever seen an iron worker pull wire from the center of a spool? Let alone one that has been (d)tuck(t) taped? ... "Oh, Uncle Bumblefuck!! I LOVE tying bar with this pig-tail-ass-wire that I pulled from the center of spool." GTFO. If you are tying any significant amount of bar, buy a god damn Tie-Wire Reel, or cut wire off from the outside of the spool as needed. This is a tip you have is for..... home gamers.

  6. Lorrie Carrel

    Lorrie Carrel

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    Damn right

  7. Joel Atteberry

    Joel Atteberry

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    Is it just me or does he sound a little wired ?? 😁



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    Low voltage guys know this trick well, it's basically how wire comes in boxes but wire is figure 8ed.

  9. David Rancourt

    David Rancourt

    پیش 22 روز

    I pulled this trick out the other day, impressed the guys at the shop. The real trick is acting like you came up with the idea...

  10. J C KIRBY


    پیش 23 روز

    Iron tie wire- the iron worker's /rod buster's friend. I finally obtained a reel to dispense tie wire. most "elec-chickens" use the duct tape dispensing method. I don't like peeling tie wire out of the center of the spool because then I hafta straighten the tie wire out. main thing i had to accept was doubling the wire BEFORE threading it amongst the rebar & conduits. so yeah, tie wire good. soft stainless steel wire better: don't rust so much

  11. Wayne IFL

    Wayne IFL

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    The cheese is sliding off the cracker, nice

  12. JustTheTip


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    and only for a minute

  13. Pill Pusher

    Pill Pusher

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    Old folks, although slow and dangerous behind the wheel, CAN still serve a purpose!!!!!

  14. Howard iknow

    Howard iknow

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    Hot...come to Australia...anytime around Nov to March ....most places will do....seen 50+dungarees science a few times and constant 45+ for weeks at our burning shithole...if it gets down to 35 in summer, we light the fire...

  15. Jeremy Fair

    Jeremy Fair

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    My pop is the king of 45 mins of set up to do a five minute job. Favorite words “It would be easier with two people” pop!! It’s lunch for fucks sakes. Hand me the bourbon

  16. WOOP Here I GO

    WOOP Here I GO

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    *_Engineer here with an electrical contracting business, and I learned that trick at 15_*

  17. Sam Wagner

    Sam Wagner

    پیش 27 روز

    Ave must work in the mining industry. Aside from the core samples on his table, this bailing wire trick is used in the mine, plus the shot at atlas copco he made in a previous video. I smell a miner...with an E

  18. Loneflwolf


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    Or u could do like I did when I was busting rods and buy a wire reel lol

  19. Jean Roch

    Jean Roch

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    Nice tip. Except all the steel wire I buy is already packaged for feeding from the inside of the spool. Given how springy that crap is, I never thought there would be people dumb enough to sell it on reel. Guess I misunderestimated 'Muricah once again.

  20. Aaron Johnson

    Aaron Johnson

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    The smart simple stuff makes me realize what a moron I am🤔.

  21. Ollie The mini bull terrier

    Ollie The mini bull terrier

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  22. MrFujack103


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    Good old saying for ya! Not as green as you are cabbage looking. I expect you to use it in your next video 👍👍

  23. Comfortably Dumb

    Comfortably Dumb

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    I have an 89 yr old uncle that lives in Arizona. Smart as all get out. I live in the Pacific NorthWest. I finally got him once on the crazy heat thing. He said to me one August while on the phone… Him: when you coming down to see me? You’re slippin’ to the bottom of my favorite nephews list… Me: whats the temp there? Him: 114 today. Supposed to be 116 tomorrow. (45.5 & 46.6 to you fellas north of the border) Me: holy crap… thats too hot uncle, I just can’t take it! Him: yeah, but it’s a dry heat Me: no, it’s a hot heat! Him: but I’d rather be in over 100 degrees here than even at 90 up your way Me: but it’s almost never 90 here uncle, maybe 5 days a year! It’s over 100 there everyday for like 5 months straight! Him: yeah, but every place is air conditioned… Me: well then, what fun is that if you have to stay inside all day? He had, for the first time ever, no hilarious memorable smart aleck response. I had him and he knew it. So I visited him in December. It was outstanding weather hunting dove. Flannel shirts in the morning till about 9 then t-shirt weather the rest of the day, laughing our fool heads off swinging on the birds if we remembered to look up.

  24. Nick


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    I truly appreciate the wisdom I pick up off the greybeards at work, but I sure as shit won't let them know it!

  25. ColinBFClarke


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    You think Arizona summer in a glory hole sea can is hot? Let me tell you about Hot until you been on the roof of a building as a Russian conscript, paid in vodka for the day to shovel radioactive shit for less than two minutes for the day

  26. Larry Hutcherson Sr

    Larry Hutcherson Sr

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    Uh, it's NINETEEN millimeters to make 3/4" (not Nine). But awesome hack for taming your wire.

  27. Mike Carroll

    Mike Carroll

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    It’s unbelievable how much I have learned from the the old guys on the claim....now I am the old guy on the claim...”stick with me kid, you will wear diamonds”

  28. Timber Tramp

    Timber Tramp

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    9mm 😳

  29. Cakeacoo XD

    Cakeacoo XD

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    With coils of rope you take it from the inside as well.

  30. Shane Southwood

    Shane Southwood

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    Guessing we missed quite a commentary before the 3/4 remark

  31. Ian Maki

    Ian Maki

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    I've been doing this for years, got it in my toolbox now with brown tape to hide the rustsharts

  32. John Bennett

    John Bennett

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    "Bustin Rod" OK, but "Laying Sod" for pouring concrete is not a thing .... (Anywhere) but it rhymes so ....

  33. sidevalve337


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    What a fucking tangent that was 😂

  34. Authority can Suck it with Authority

    Authority can Suck it with Authority

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    ³/⁴ is 19mm. Wrap the Annealed Wire. The heat of the meat increases with the angle of the dangle. Don't piss on Superman's Cape. Don't spit into the wind. Don't pull the mask off the ol' Lone Ranger. Everyone messes with Jim!

  35. Jody's Trades Stuff

    Jody's Trades Stuff

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    This feels like those recipes that take 5 pages of storytelling to explain how to salt water.

  36. B K

    B K

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    Yup... Its already been spotted... 9mm does not equal 3/4" in this universe 😬

  37. William


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    Shakespeare of our days

  38. Jak B&J Services

    Jak B&J Services

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    Been doing that for years. Got quite a few mechanics in line with that trick.

  39. j dog

    j dog

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    Jeeeez. .. where you been? I encapsulate the whole roll with duct or 10mil tape then cut an X in the center of one side and fish out the end. This trick works for just about any kind of material that comes spooled up. ..like those Costco kitchen garbage bags. Just cut an X in the center of the spool abd fish out that last garbage bag through the X and the rest will peel out nice and neat, One at a time until all gone

  40. kevin


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    I got one better just take a glove poke a hole in the center and put the center wire in boom done in 3 seconds and old indian trick better than wearing the damn things

  41. Dwdanieldotdd


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    Ya know, 50 some years ago, grandpa and I were re-hanging some flue pipe in a tobacco barn with that stuff and using nails and screws to hold it on to the wood and such. The stuff is curly as all, UNLESS, you take twice the length, chuck the middle in your 10 pound, 5/8's chuck, drill and hold the ends well apart and pulse the drill until it's all twisted together, then it falls straight and flat... try it. Tootles... Wade

  42. Matt Lew

    Matt Lew

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    Every IRfacer: so I 3D printed a mounting spool. The CAD files are on my Patreon. Thank you to 3D Fuel for sponsoring... AvE: So you takes some duct tape...

  43. The Cascadian

    The Cascadian

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    OK, that’s pretty handy, says an old cuss tradesman - thanks, CarpenterJohn

  44. Nicmadis


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    Sometimes the old farts are good to keep around. Plenty of get'er done, with stiff backs and helpful tips and tricks. Other times they just keep reminding you that the reason you have to deal with the bajillion code and regulations from hell, is because once upon a time those old farts did not give a shit about who had to fix their shoddy crap ten to thirty years down the line and did every damn thing that is against regs now. "I've been doin' this for fifty years, ain't nobody telling me how to do my job."

  45. Matt Kopf

    Matt Kopf

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    Love Red Green!

  46. selador11


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    3/4 inch is 19mm. Not 9mm. =0)

  47. DarthBane22


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    Always pay attention to the grey beards on site.

  48. beast0882


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    Was that in English?

  49. eDoc2020


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    So everybody's been making me give an extra 10.05mm all along? I feel cheated.

  50. J C

    J C

    پیش ماه

    I guess Canada uses different millimetres than the USA and Europe. (19.05mm =3/5" the USA and Germany)

  51. The_Drunk_Pipeliner


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    I can't fucking stand it when people don't tape their wire up. I learned that at a very young age from my dad but the way I learned you cover the whole thing, sides and all, then take out your knife and cut out the hole. You can throw that thing from up on an old 94 live boom down into a 20 foot deep bell hole, bounce it of the pipe and rocks and a laborer or two and it doesn't fall apart

  52. Jeff Voight

    Jeff Voight

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    3/4" isn't 9mm, tho.

  53. ltgood


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    3/8 x 2 is 3/4 of an inch in Greek I believe however 9mm is the bore of your everyday justice tickler. Justice is nine tenths of the bore.

  54. Fred Flintstone

    Fred Flintstone

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    This is not a candy van.

  55. AkshonClips


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    “Just the Tip” got me a pregnant girlfriend, wedding license, and a 10 year anniversary.

  56. Don Steele

    Don Steele

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    "And that is how I learned that three-quarters of an inch is the same as nine millimeters." Uhh, I think you meant nineteen millimeters. (Three-quarters of an inch is 19.05 mm.)

  57. BariumCobaltNitrog3n


    پیش ماه

    I thought everyone knew that. Even my jumper wire for soldering is wrapped. I like the magnet epoxied on the back of a glove too, for little parts

  58. Khum Dhan

    Khum Dhan

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    we need to preserve AvE's brain in a museum. hes like confucius.

  59. jasondemate


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    Never eschew the gifts of the greybeards.

  60. Blake MacArthur

    Blake MacArthur

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    I'd give ya 2 up boats of I could, but I can only afford one. The laughter keeps melting off my face hole!!

  61. DIM Tips

    DIM Tips

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    Seen it a few times but really helpful. 😊

  62. Mike Kooz

    Mike Kooz

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    I'm 19, George is 73. this is 1989. Me to George , why don't you retire? George's reply, I seen to many of my friends sit down on the couch and die. I'd rather die useful! Best advice I ever got.

  63. John Boykin

    John Boykin

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    Dang. My life is better now

  64. Anthony Blacker

    Anthony Blacker

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    learned that old trick almost the same way many years ago.. have yet to have shared it with anyone since.. great vidja ave

  65. Ben Dooley

    Ben Dooley

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    I know its english, but youd be hard-pressed to convince most people.

  66. tvaughn


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    This is an amazing trick

  67. xxlxpman


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    Baling wire is some good heavy stuff, used to wrap hay bales, they had wire tie balers and sisal twine tie balers. The wire came in square cardboard boxes and the coveted wire was usually saved in two big loops after the small square hay bales were fed to the stock. Wire tie balers went out of fashion in the 19 70's due to high cost of wire and sisal twine mostly was replaced by plastic twine.

  68. Eric Eaklor

    Eric Eaklor

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    Son of a bean dip mother Frito pi who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks

  69. Xavier Thilking

    Xavier Thilking

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    Hey, I just saw a commercial for a new hair straightener, the Dyson Corral(?). This thing looks pretty interesting, it's got a neat trick. Could you take a look for us?

  70. Gary Cooper

    Gary Cooper

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  71. Scott Wood

    Scott Wood

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    3/4" is 9mm??

  72. notsoserious09


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    No shit. When you next order a box of SO cord, cut the box from the middle and pull it out just like the tie wire. Derp. When putting cord caps on the SO cord, it matters which end you are putting the cap onto. If the cord cap forces you to twist the wires in order to fit on the proper terminal, swap ends and the caps fit just fine. Old guys know stuff. When you get a new bag of zip ties, cut an opening in the middle of the bag, perpendicular to the long axis of the bag. The zip ties will come out just fine but fall out. Don't adjust your shirt and shorts after you whiz and before you fasten up the pants because you will forget to zip the zipper.

  73. Jeff G

    Jeff G

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    Excellent, thank you!

  74. Grumpy One

    Grumpy One

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    I think the better saying is; I see said the blind man to his deaf daughter!... or my favourite; If it’s possible, I’ll do it right away. If it’s impossible, it’ll take a little longer!

  75. MarvinRunyon


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    If only you could fade to forward on the Abraham Simpsons IRL.

  76. David White

    David White

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    How can i get one of those badass rulers??,,

  77. Robby Brown

    Robby Brown

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    Lol I think it took 2 years for me to realize it didnt come off the shelf like that

  78. Aaron Co2

    Aaron Co2

    پیش ماه

    HILARIOUS 3 min winding and meandering to find out- just tape up your coil. Learned this trick 8 yrs ago on balls of twine from an old cuss myself.

  79. Scott D

    Scott D

    پیش ماه

    3/4 isn't the same as 9mm its the same as 19mm my friend.

  80. Kerra Holt

    Kerra Holt

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    3/4 isn't the same as 9mm though...

  81. The shop of critique

    The shop of critique

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    Brian from ma.you find yourself board i got butterflys but look up ( the critique shop) on you tube Besafe

  82. F K

    F K

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    hmm 3/4" is not 9mm, well 9mm is 3/8" in my book.

  83. Hinch55


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    The fade to black mid-rant killed me.

  84. Doug Ball

    Doug Ball

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    Let it be known that Missourians do groan Bout the winters cold and white But nothings worse than sweating your purse When it’s 100 over 100 at night

  85. God Was Bored

    God Was Bored

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    Can anyone recommend me which Tap & Die set manufacturer I should go with? I have a Canadian Tire Maximum set right now, but I don't think it will last very long. I'm already experiencing issues with the thread binding (I do know how to do this. Lube, 1/4 turn, reverse to break the chip, 1/4 turn more). I see so many different brands, I just want a good one that will last. Thank you for your opinions.

  86. Jacob Hawthorne

    Jacob Hawthorne

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    Just bought a Hilti SF 2H-A12 drill. Me thinks you would like it very much👍🏻

  87. VCElliott88


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    I would have tweeted this, but I don't think you have one... Got my stickers today and "not to be operated by fuckwits" is going on the side of my main server... Worth every penny.

  88. Genome Editor

    Genome Editor

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    Threads holding 50 cal explosions: where da vid homes?

  89. wiebren


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    19 mm

  90. T No

    T No

    پیش ماه

    For someone with a fetish for all things tool it is very disappointing you don't have a Tie-Wire Reel floating around that work bench.

  91. Matthew


    پیش ماه

    Reel is easier

  92. Apocalypse Cow

    Apocalypse Cow

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    The me too generation rears its ugly sweaty 😓 head in the comments (crying) section 😢😭

  93. Elliott Evans

    Elliott Evans

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    Scaffolders don't like that trick

  94. Clyde Wood

    Clyde Wood

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  95. Forrest Newton

    Forrest Newton

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    i'd love to see you take apart one of those old japanese pencil sharpeners

  96. Inspector 17

    Inspector 17

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    1:21 I didn't know that 3/4 of an inch is the same as 9mm and I still don't

  97. Шaтsои'š Щоґld Оf Шоиdєґš

    Шaтsои'š Щоґld Оf Шоиdєґš

    پیش ماه

    Back in the day, if we didn't have feeler gauges to hand which was often as ppl borrowed, nicked or left in dirty water so when you did need 'em... so we used the humble Rizla for our needs, Rizla is a dutch cigarette paper company and for ignition points, you took the flap off the packet, folded it neatly in twain and that was your points gap more enough, used on Ford V6's, Rover V8, Vespas and Lambretta's, Ford Transits and just about everything that didn't have leccy 'nition and the good thing too is if you had a OHV locknut on the valve let go you could use the card flap but not folded to get you your "get home" clearance. Funny thing too, the papers were bloody good for stopping a razor nick in the good old days of ones cut throat and usually on a monday morning on the train you would see these blokes all standing there morose with a face looking like someone with Tippex had given them the pox :D

  98. Ed Rannou

    Ed Rannou

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    You have to get something from this British manufacturer: www.kingdicktools.co.uk/wrenches/index.asp

  99. Goodnuff


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    They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, and maybe that's true. But that old dog knows more tricks than you'll ever know. And he's real f**king good at 'em too, cause he's been doing them a long time. New tricks are great but there's something about watching an ol' dog perform tasks you thought difficult with the same ease and composure that you'd use to tie your shoe. The only thing more enjoyable (as I crest the preverbal hill of life) is showing those same old tricks to the new dogs.

  100. Elusive Snow Leopard

    Elusive Snow Leopard

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    You Mean to tell me I been diddly dabbeking around this here tape of duck wonder the wrong way. I’m gonna shart pulling it from its inside from here on now.