Axe from scrap rail

At your suggestion, I'm using high feed end mills. They are incredible! The axe head? Not so much.


  1. Edge Precision

    Edge Precision

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    Wow my machine is almost as clean as yours! Can I make one suggestion? When you mill from both sides with a feed mill. Don’t try to go all the way thru. Go down enough to leave a thin web. If you go thru the material gets thin and bends away from the tool and will twist up and go thru the flutes breaking/chipping them. Because of the big tip radius/lead angle. It’s better to leave say about .06” of material (with your tool size) than cut thru in one cut with a standard endmill. Don’t ask how I know this. Been there done that.

    • ElTurbinado


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      (the closest table saw analogy i can think of is maybe you're trying to cut acrylic with a laminate blade but instead of cutting it all in one pass you start shallow and slowly raise the blade with each pass. if you don't raise the blade enough each time, mostly you're going to generate a ton of heat through friction and throw bits of molten plastic all over the place [this is like what happens with the high speed tool on the mill] instead of getting a nice clean cut, and so you're probably better off either raising the blade *very* high or taking it to the bandsaw instead [this is like changing to a normal tool on the mill]. i don't think there's really a similar thing for wood, since it's not really malleable like metal. i guess burning it from a slow feed rate is *kind of* sort of maybe somewhat similar-ish. maybe.)

    • GixxerKid


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      Soooo... You're saying AvE should follow his own mantra "Just the tip, and only for a min" ... My way Better half claims she hates this saying and then I caught her saying it the other day without even realizing it. Lmao 🤣 she paused and looked at me bewildered and uttered "You will pay for this!" 😳

    • T Bke

      T Bke

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      Pshhh anyone can do it that way!! 😂

    • Dylan O'Shea

      Dylan O'Shea

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      I was going to say a tip I learned from edge precision is when flipping a work piece cut a notch in it to use as your WCS, in this case G55, and set that for your X.Y.0. If u havent seen his latest valve body series it is worth a look for some skookum parts

    • Awesomezing


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      @antti roppola Ahhh, okay. I was aware of that when using a table saw, i just didn't realize it would cause that much damage to the endmill when doing it with metal.

  2. ben


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    avoiding the topsite of the rail, the hardest part..hmmm...

  3. Jonathan Dough

    Jonathan Dough

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    1:30 DAMN why in The PHOCK didnt u use one those bitches the LAST time u stuck this particular dicc in the vice!¿!?!? 🙃😅🤣😂🤣😂🤣😭☠️

  4. Professional Canadian

    Professional Canadian

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    Also short story / PSA this video reminds me of that time I was younger and dumber trying too modify a hatchet into a viking axe. I'll try to save some of the details (but Im a carpenter and no machinest) my shop was basically a 6X10 closet) But I thought I needed more speed trying to grind in the beard portion of the axe. So I swapped out the drill press mounted drum sander, and after lookingg through the tool chest I spotted my compact router and a light bulb when off. " yeah that will accept a 1/4 " shaft" I thought as I chucked it up. "Genius" I said to myself as I tighted up the collet. Now the router was just a dewalt compact variable speed router. Small body lots of rpm ( up to 30k rpm). I could control the feed and pressure I told myself. Turned it on and nearly died. Literally. Rpm were cranked right up after a quick test and almost immediately the shaft of the drum sander bent to about 75° and I had a flywheel of death in my hands. I had 2 hands around the body of the router barely being able to hang on as the vibrations from the drumsander acting acting as a fly wheel instanstantly blistered and tore and burned up my hands and stomach because I was jammimg it up to my body to try and stabaise it. I knew I couldnt let go, and let this thing bounce around the closest which would at the very least maim me if not worse but I was also losing my grip and my hands were burning really intensly after about 10 secs of trying to hold onto this thing which I can only describe as trying to hold onto the drive shaft of your car while its doing 100 km/h. My thumbs couldnt reach the off switch amd i had this plugged into a 12ft ext cord but i was finally able to get all the slack out of the cord wiht my feet by wrapping the cord around my lag and yank it from the outlet. I've been and working around trades since about 9 years old, Ive helped build scaffolds 400' feet in the air, built bridges,operated countless tools and been on numerous outdoor adventures. Too this day I've never been as close to meeting our maker as that day or been more scared. Aside from all the other value you provide, I just wanted to thank you for the insight and sharing your expierience with us AvE.. Especially the mistakes !

  5. Professional Canadian

    Professional Canadian

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    Easter egg alert! Did anyone else catch it?

  6. Alex Watson

    Alex Watson

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    watching this with subtitles formed a blood clot in my brain

  7. Charles Alberti

    Charles Alberti

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    The grimsmo guys ( have a IRface channel, and also Canadians) could have probably helped with this a lot, they cnc some gorgeous pocket knives

  8. Jarret Hall

    Jarret Hall

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    You can get inserted high feed mills on Aliexpress cheap. A 18mm cutter body and 20 inserts with 4 edges each for $80. I just tried mine out last night. The thing cuts like a hot damn. Only thing crapy I saw were the insert screws I swaped them out for some Sandvik ones. Only thing is I have a Proto Trak and the max feed rate is only 100 imp.

  9. eric moeller

    eric moeller

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    Shit i got the exact same sound bar they're loud as hell for it's size and sound really good

  10. Garret


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    Known in the state of commiefornia to cause death

  11. MMN Mike Media network

    MMN Mike Media network

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    0:21 Well a bull moose gets lucky once a year

  12. Clint Clay

    Clint Clay

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    I was always told train rails were very soft metal so they dont break, tehy bend instead.

  13. Aaron Britt

    Aaron Britt

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    Hmm... A dry mill, no coolant?

  14. morris schwarts

    morris schwarts

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    Great to see I'm not the only one that works for hours and hours with knowledge and sheer determination for nothing. Makes me feel human.

  15. J_ G_

    J_ G_

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    i run into the same problem with long tutorial videos that try to teach literally everything in one video when all i need to know is one thing. there should be a text search window embedded in the youtube video player and an F3 command to cycle through the speech detector

  16. The Piano Furry

    The Piano Furry

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    A french(?) Canadian that jams out to IRA beats

  17. Harry


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    You can buy a 🪓 for less than ten buckaroos, how many hass, end mills, countless hours of fusion and cursing are needed to make one axe? Is this project a government tender you won? Seems you are trying to maximize the time and resources wasted, to minimize the returns. Kind of government mantra.

  18. k b

    k b

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    i almost died of hoevid once.. ahh it wasnt a big deal i went to a doctor and they gave me some antibiotics

  19. Honkler Etta

    Honkler Etta

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    It's nice to make things, but I'm just going to go down to my local home despot and buy a damn axe

  20. Wuhr


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    Wolfe Tones

  21. david corkery

    david corkery

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    Blasting go on home British soldiers, very awesome

  22. Robytium


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  23. cwj


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    Better half clocked a rebel song way back when in one of your older videos, but now I heard it with my own two ears. Tiocfaidh ár lá.

  24. Joe Soxer

    Joe Soxer

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    Are we not going to talk about the fact AvE just snapped a rail clean in two....with his bare hand?!?!

  25. Cliff Palermo

    Cliff Palermo

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    Buckin Billy Ray needs to be your tester would like to see him get one when it's done

  26. BʟɪᴛᴛᴇʀBᴜɢ


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    Not having enough girth is often an issue, I find.

  27. frogsoda


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    I'm going to keep watching this channel until I learn how to speak fluent Canadian

  28. D Day

    D Day

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    I'm no expert, but seemed like you had an axe to grind.

  29. 16vjtdalfa


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    Now I know the reason for the train derailment on the Trans-Canada Highway

  30. Andrew Beveridge

    Andrew Beveridge

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    My folks have an old Dupont dynamite box like that one at 11:00. I've always thought it was the perfect box to build a small guitar amp in. 1x10 Tweed deluxe, something that kinda size.

  31. John Houston

    John Houston

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    A blacksmith would have been done by now, just sayin. #forgedinfire

  32. AtomicDuck72


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    Have to say, I enjoyed the choice of music haha. You must have picked up some of the Irish culture when you were over here. Keep up the good work.

  33. Matt


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    Holyo fuck that machine is filthy

  34. Dragons Taco

    Dragons Taco

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    Worn out Bridgeport, classical music, and some jokes in the shop. Life was simple then.

  35. Clyde Wood

    Clyde Wood

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  36. Oscar K

    Oscar K

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    I never knew AvE had such excellent taste in music

  37. PKMartin


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    Are the machine doors transparent to IR? I bet pointing the FLIR at that high feed mill hard at work would make some good watching, quantify how hot the supper is

  38. Beth Spetoskey

    Beth Spetoskey

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    Listen here AvE. I'd marry you but my wife wont let me. Love the IRA/irish rebel songs. Play them daily. I noticed you are a james joyce fan. Keep up the great videos.

  39. Lee Radford

    Lee Radford

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    It's the Irish ballads for me sup from Ireland

  40. cmonkey63


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    I just hope that after all this effort, that this axe head is used to kill the undead.

  41. The God Emperor Of Mankind • 7 years ago

    The God Emperor Of Mankind • 7 years ago

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    Canada’s rail system is safe from pillage for now

  42. Paul van Dinther

    Paul van Dinther

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    In the old days people would write tutorials in text and get this... A table of contents and an index list pointed directly to the page where the information was written that you needed. I think those things were called. Uhm.... MANUALS. that's it. Manuals. You didn't have to read the whole damn thing to find what you needed to know.

  43. Apollo Prospector

    Apollo Prospector

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    Did u try turning it off and on again?

  44. Warren


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    I saw a guy try do this on Facebook with a grinder, but I see his error now - he forgot to try with a $350k machine

  45. Judah Iam

    Judah Iam

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    what about the compiler? they are so ornery

  46. Terence Gelo

    Terence Gelo

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  47. Phillip Trujillo

    Phillip Trujillo

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    Got some of that fancy Paris Hilton night cam action going on. Some fan service for the machinist in their bunks?

  48. Moritz von Schweinitz

    Moritz von Schweinitz

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    Is there a reason for the green light at 13:30?

  49. johnny tightlips

    johnny tightlips

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    I'm never sure what to expect when watching your videos but I definitely didn't expect to hear Irish Rebel tunes blasting in the background

  50. Franks Handyman

    Franks Handyman

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    Blew the transformer? That some "Best" friend ....LoL

  51. Stokkeland Smia

    Stokkeland Smia

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    even forging rail is a bear but it is good steel i have like 80 meters of it..

  52. cjgates11


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    Uncle bumblefuck.. could you please do use a review of a mini doctor venom or a CE knock off. Surely it's an extraordinary sausage cooker.

  53. Joel Falardeau

    Joel Falardeau

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    1200 feet per minute =13.3 miles per hour (21.9 kilometers per hour).

  54. Tobias Wagner

    Tobias Wagner

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    Go on home british soldiers

  55. R Gfy

    R Gfy

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    PBR Makes me think about when I didn't have much money.

  56. Peter R

    Peter R

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    Troubleshooting rule number 1: Software is stupid, machines are stupid, people are stupid, and you are probably stupid. The first step in fixing something is figuring out which kinds of stupid you're dealing with.

  57. koos42


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    You accidentally made a hewing axe?

  58. John Shaw

    John Shaw

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    Also a high feed mill puts most of its cutting force in the direction of the Z axis, so they aren't good with thin stuff or things not fixtured real good.

  59. John Shaw

    John Shaw

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    I use a 17mm Kyocera MFH Raptor indexable mill for high feed. 1.5mm fz at 220m/min only cuts about .75mm deep per pass. Works out way cheaper than solid carbs.

  60. joe jane

    joe jane

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    if you rotate it it aint on center no more gotta love translation. this made me smile more then i should have. i feel the pain and at least im not at the bottom of the ditch anymore

  61. Tim


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    "There is nothing more important in the entire world then going out into the unknown and reporting what you found at the edge of the world" Now ain't that the truth

  62. Drebin2293


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    Don't watch this with headphones. The stereo balance makes it distracting as all hell.

    • heatshield


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      hay! what if I like that kind of thing?

  63. Jozef SK

    Jozef SK

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    4:03 is that a Haas logo? no wonder it spins in the wrong axis. mazepin would be proud

  64. Mícheál Ó Dufaigh

    Mícheál Ó Dufaigh

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    Looks like you found the saws all of the cnc, my guess it will worn out in no time

  65. Diseasel


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    Dear IRface, stop unchecking the damn bell.

  66. David Marshall

    David Marshall

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    Where is the post processor that converts AvE into language we can understand?

  67. J


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    Rebel songs, eh? A man of refined taste, I see. Hear?

  68. iRdMoose


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    There's something so satisfying about firing up the old IRface and watching a guy play with his tool.

  69. quarter atom

    quarter atom

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    Autodesk is scam.

  70. SwayBack


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    Be sure to remonitize your vids after this new update to terms

  71. Tysen P

    Tysen P

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    Never thought i’d hear AvE saying “chungus” but i gotta admit, it fits right into that wonderful vocabulary of his

    • raveagainstracism


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      He has been saying chungus for years.

    • Tysen P

      Tysen P

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      Plus the british army song was a nice touch

  72. HBomb157


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    Hearing "Kinky Boots" and feeling like our Spotify playlists are terrifyingly similar

  73. unc13buck


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    If zipties and biasplies was a machinist.

  74. Sasha Z

    Sasha Z

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    Learning fusion 360 for fun in my spare time. Great tool, but the older you get the harder it is to learn.

  75. Sasha Z

    Sasha Z

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    Why no coolant?

  76. Ex Visu

    Ex Visu

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    So, basically, you're saying you don't have any work, and you're just fuckin' around. I'm not judging! I get it! lol ;)

  77. Matt Sonn

    Matt Sonn

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    Rule of thumb with high feed milling is depth of cut = 1/4 the radius for optimal chip thinning

  78. David Janis

    David Janis

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    You fucked this all up!

  79. Jacob Sams

    Jacob Sams

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    Damn bub you bought it at the right time! Maybe the Royal Bank can spot ya some extra!

  80. Veritas Valebit

    Veritas Valebit

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    Have you ever considered getting some training on how to run that thing?

  81. David W

    David W

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    Omg I'm so sorry...



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    When does the AvE coffee table book of things I said and didn't get slapped for saying them come out? Order now and get my 2nd book free. Things I said and got slapped for saying them..........

  83. Yeoman


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    Mate! Kinky boots, I may be a soldier in the Queens army but them Republicans make a tune!

  84. drobells


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    Inserted high feed work great in lower power mills, we use MSX 31000EW, 3 flute 1" DIA. cut great in 4140 up to about 40RC, we make .035 depth of cut and .670 stepover , always cuts better than a ball endmill, all the load is into the z, doesn't like full width cuts. Inserts hold up great.

  85. Jason Mason

    Jason Mason

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    I've got a brand new Shiny Helmet and a pair of kinky boots, Salute

  86. Hunter Allen

    Hunter Allen

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    I can't understand a fucking thing this dude says and I love it.

  87. Make-A-Woosh-Foundation


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    Hey man, didn't you have a merch store or something? I don't believe in patreon (i.e I'm a poor bastard) so I wanted to support some cool people by buying their merch hoodies. .. ...

  88. That Red Machinist

    That Red Machinist

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    I love my kinky boots playing in the background

  89. Thomas Shue's World

    Thomas Shue's World

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    Should of used Mastercam and learned to mod the post

  90. DIM Tips

    DIM Tips

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    Really starting to look better

  91. Rafaelalvarez923


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    Ave your videos man.Quick question.Just purchased a semi truck and going to need hand tools so I am trying to figure out a brand that is good and won’t break the bank? TIA.

  92. Mike Oxmaul

    Mike Oxmaul

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    I see said the blind man who picked up his hammer and saw the axe AvE had yet to fiinish. Careful with that axe Eugene....

  93. Liam R

    Liam R

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    The toolpaths are feeding twice your rapids, my balloon knot would be puckered tighter than Superman's shoelaces the whole time.

  94. John Smith

    John Smith

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    Thanks AvE. You have put the tin hat on my ever buying a CNC machine, it looks dam hard to get the hang of it and if you can't master it then I certainly can't.

  95. Think First

    Think First

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    Very nice Dupont boxes. They look different than the ones that I have in my collection. I wonder if it is a locality thing, different manufactures for the same basic box? Yours are nicer than most of mine as I tend to use some of them to store stuff in. Very nice, much nicer than the crappy cardboard boxes used today.

  96. Sgt Rock 68

    Sgt Rock 68

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    I'm very familiar with IT, and no, IT never does end.

  97. Aaron Blake

    Aaron Blake

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    Should send it to buckin over on the island

  98. Morscovium


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    there's something to be said about people who forge steel rather than cnc mill it. It looks like 90% of the axe head was wasted in chips

  99. Blob87


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    12:59 I HIGHLY suggest you change setting 335 (I think?) linear rapids to linear mode. The default setting is to dogleg which many CAM software packages including Fusion do not account for in simulation. This is usually a non-issue especially if your clearance planes are always above the workpiece, but trust me there will be that one time where you'll forget and will have a crash that could be avoided by changing this setting.

  100. Jesse James

    Jesse James

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    should co lab with linus techtips reach out to him!